Routh-Hurlbert Real Estate's buyer services is far more than showing properties.

Through a rich history in manufacturing, business, charity, and political connections; we have our finger on the pulse of business in the Mahoning Valley.

A keen knowledge of properties on the market is just the start.

Knowledge of properties that were once on the market but still available, properties that are underserved or in strategic locations help our Buyers to be able to fully understand the market possibilities.

Routh-Hurlbert regularly works with rail and trucking consultants, pipeline and infrastructure consultants and our local and regional economic development agencies, thus allowing us to present to you every option available to you.

We bring all this together to make sure that we find the best opportunity for you.

For Routh-Hurlbert, business as usual is providing uncommon service.

After the search, we follow through with tenacious negotiations, direct connections to the best financing and economic incentive authorities, and the ability to get you face to face with the community leaders who can streamline the processes that lead to your success.

Trust your buying or leasing decision to Routh-Hurlbert brokerage.

We are confident you will be glad you did.